Discover and Support Locally-Produced Colorado Literature


Read Colorado is a new venture and partnership bringing together local publishers, nonprofits, government agencies, universities, and businesses to promote and advance Colorado-based publishers and writers. Like the farm-to-table movement in the local restaurant industry, Read Colorado seeks to create a similar movement in our local publishing industry, propelling our rich literary and publishing heritage to a wider audience and building that appreciation in the public to encourage them to plumb that rich vein. That’s our mission — and we are committed to its success.

We also want to galvanize our community to support the arts: our artists, our institutions, and our publishers that produce and sell these fine, locally produced works.


Why Read Colorado?


The Read Colorado campaign encourages readers across the state to discover locally-published books through a range of marketing programs and activities throughout Colorado.

Colorado book publishers are creating fantastic books, working with stellar, award-winning authors, and publishing timely and important content. Our publishers release thousands of books each year and contribute greatly to our cultural and artistic communities, while providing historical legacy for the state. Read Colorado is a campaign of awareness directed at the readers of the state, and elsewhere, about the work of these publishers, their authors, illustrators, and artists.

Many Colorado publishers run on shoestring budgets, with limited time, staff, and resources. Read Colorado seeks to become a shared marketing campaign for Colorado-based publishers, as well as for literary nonprofits, government agencies, universities, and businesses (bookstores) that can leverage the campaign and its marketing materials to promote local publishers and authors. We are looking for partners to join us and help spread the word about the campaign and as a result, our wonderful publishers and authors. 


Supporting Colorado Publishers

Read Colorado is spearheaded by Colophon Center, a Colorado-based nonprofit furthering the art and industry of publishing in the West. During the first stage of our campaign, we will be partnering with a number of Colorado-based publishers, who support the advancement and promotion of our literary heritage and writers. If you would like to join us, please contact us immediately. In the coming months, we will be reaching out to other organizations, institutions, and businesses.